Gemini Browser with built-in Feed Reader.

With normal websites and especially with podcasts there is the possibility that the website offers an Atom or RSS feed, which you can subscribe to in a feed reader or in a podcast app. Whenever a new article or podcast episode appears on the website, you are automatically notified without having to manually surf to all the interesting websites individually.

Gemini already has this built into the normal text format, you don't need any technology as a website author to create such feeds separately, a Gemini page just needs to be written in a special way. Namely, there must be a listing of links to articles whose descrip2021-02-14-gemini-browser-with-integrated-feed-reader.gmition starts with an ISO date format. Here is an example of such a page:

# Martin's interesting articles

Hello Gemini-Space, here you can find my thoughts about xyz, just follow the links:

=> gemini:// 2021-03-02 My third article
=> gemini:// 2021-02-05 My second article
=> gemini:// 2021-01-03 My first article

If a Gemini page is built like this, then you can press Ctrl+Shift+D in the Gemini browser Lagrange for example and sign up for this page. Whenever a new article is added, Lagrange shows this on the left side under the tab with the asterisk. There Lagrange also manages whether you have already read an article or not. If you click with the right mouse button on a feed entry, you can also unsubscribe from a feed with »Unsubscribe«.

A real existing page with such a structure would be for example:

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Browsers that support Gemini feeds

For the still quite young Gemini text format there are two quite advanced browsers:

🌐 Lagrange (Linux, macOS, Windows)
🌐 Amfora (*nix command line)

The Gemini text format is very simple in design. Therefore there are a lot of other Gemini browsers, but I haven't tried them all yet:

🌐 List of Gemini browsers.

Have a look at them, everyone might like something different.

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