Trouble and Hope

Martin Döring, March 6, 2021

Banks have fewer and fewer staff. You stand in line and think: With my online banking, everything is always much faster and less complicated. And I don't have to fight off any offers that I don't need.

Then, in online banking: Of course, my Android phone has to update just when I want to enter the TAN of my transaction. Somehow everything jams, then restart, then it works again. Bitch.

If you're standing in line at the bank, you're in trouble, but also hope that everything will be much better online. Yes, progress too...With online banking, you think, when I'm at my bank branch, there wouldn't have been anything like this. Then there is the good Mrs. Müller, who in case of doubt takes care of my problems in person. It used to be better.

No matter what we do: There is always trouble and always hope. But everything is basically just a big brainfuck, trouble and hope exist only in our minds. And we swing back and forth and arrange things the way that suits us best at the moment.

Everything is always better the way we have just arranged things. We go to our bank branch because it's so much closer to the customer, we buy the books bestseller from the bookstore next door so as not to support big corps, we switch off our appliances because standby is bad for the environment.

There is always hope, and we muddle through like this. And we feel good about our decisions. Actually, we can't do anything wrong anymore. They say hope dies last. But actually hope never dies, it is very flexible.


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