What is Gemini?

Gemini is two things: A protocol for file transfer (like https) and a text format (like HTML). Read more about this below. A website in Geminispace is called a capsule, because this is, where Gemini has it's name from.

What do you need to use Gemini?

To open Gemini links you need a Gemini browser:

🌐 Lagrange Gemini-Browser (Linux, macOS und Windows)
🌐 Ariane from Google Playstore (Android)
🌐 Elaho Gemini-Browser (iOS)

Gemini Protocol

The Gemini protocol is a network protocol for retrieving documents over the internet that emphasizes simplicity, data privacy and text-oriented content.

Gemini uses only encrypted connections (TLS with Trust-On-First-Use) to protect your privacy, and the Gemini browser does not transmit any meta-data such as your browser version, operating system, or anything else that could be misused to identify you when you access Gemini pages.

Gemini Text Format (Gemtext)

Text in Gemini is written, similar to Markdown, with a normal text editor and can be extended with a few markups at the beginning of each line for elements such as lists, links, headings and more.

Here is an overview of what is possible:

# This is a main heading
## This is a second level heading
### This is a third level heading
* Lines of a listing can be displayed like this
>This is a quote, begins with a greater character
=> gemini://example.com/hallo.gmi A Gemini link
=> hello.gmi link to a file in the same directory
=> https://example.com/hallo.html normal web link
 ``` start and end of fixed format text (omit first space)

Links in the Web

If you want to read more about Gemini:

🌐 The Gemini Project Website
🌐 Gemini space in Wikipedia
🌐 A video, which explains everything
🌐 A collection of awesome things regarding the gemini protocol ecosystem.

Data Privacy