Terms of Service

Data Collected

Your username and a hash of your password, any posts you make and a list of accounts which you follow. The admin of the site does not know your password and it is not stored in plaintext anywhere.

There is a quota on the number of posts retained by this instance for each account. Older posts will be removed when the limit is reached. Anything you post here should be considered ephemeral and you should keep a separate personal copy of them if you wish to retain a permanent archive.

No IP addresses are logged.

Posts can be removed on request if there is sufficient justification, but the nature of ActivityPub means that deletion of data federated to other instances cannot be guaranteed.

Content Policy

This instance will not host content containing sexism, racism, casteism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, antisemitism or other forms of bigotry or discrimination on the basis of nationality or immigration status. Claims that transgressions of this type were intended to be "ironic" will be treated as a terms of service violation.

Even if not conspicuously discriminatory, expressions of support for organizations with discrminatory agendas are not permitted on this instance. These include, but are not limited to, racial supremacist groups, the redpill/incel movement, anti-vaccination, anti-LGBT and anti-immigrant campaigns.

Depictions of injury, death or medical procedures are not permitted.

Violent or abusive content will be subject to moderation and is likely to be removed.

Content of a sexual nature may be published providing that only consenting adults (aged 18 or over) are depicted and an appropriate content warning message is added. Posting sexual content without a content warning is a terms of service violation. Sexual content is defined both as photographs of real people and also artistic or fictional depictions, edited/generated photos or narratives.

Moderators rely upon your reports. Don't assume that something of concern has already been reported. It's better for there to be duplicate reports than for something potentially damaging to go unreported.

Content found to be non-compliant with this policy will be removed and any accounts on this instance producing, repeating or linking to such content will be deleted typically without prior notification.

Federation Policy

In a proactive effort to avoid the classic fate of "embrace, extend, extinguish" this system will block any instance launched, acquired or funded by Alphabet/Google, Facebook/Meta, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Elsevier or other monopolistic Silicon Valley companies.

This system will not federate with instances whose moderation policy is incompatible with the content policy described above. If an instance lacks a moderation policy, or refuses to enforce one, it will be assumed to be incompatible.

Use by Research Organizations and Universities

Data may not be "scraped" or otherwise obtained from this instance and used for academic research or cited within research publications without the prior written permission of the administrator. Financial remedy will be sought through the courts from any researcher publishing data obtained from this instance without consent.

The administrator of this instance does not agree to participate in human subjects research, or research to study website policies and practices, carried out by academic institutions or their executors without prior written consent.

Commercial Use

Commercial use of original content on this instance is strictly forbidden without the prior written permission of individual account holders. The instance administrator does not hold copyright on any original content posted by account holders. Publication or federation of content does not imply permission for commercial use.

Commercial use includes the harvesting of data to create products which are then sold, such as statistics, business reports or machine learning models.


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